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Because Everett Botwright has autism, the 6-year-old recently started refusing to eat anything if it wasn’t the meal that stole his heart: Star Wars themed Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners.

Everett’s family became especially distressed when – after they had already bought all of the boxes that they could carry – their local Walmart discontinued the special product.

The youngster’s father Reed Botwright took to social media in search of anyone who could direct them to a store that carried the limited edition meals.

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“He’s on the autism spectrum and one of his quirks revolves around food,” Reed wrote on Instagram. “It’s a struggle to get him his essential nutrients, and unlike most kids, no amount of ‘tough love’ or ‘no treats until you eat your veggies’ will work to coerce him to expand his diet.”

One day later and who should step in to help but the hallowed Star Trek actor William Shatner.

Captain Kirk sent a tweet to Kraft on Tuesday, asking: “Can you possibly help? Even if you still have just the shaped macaroni they can use current product for cheese sauce.”

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While Kraft responded to the message saying that they were working on a way to help, a local supermarket who had reportedly received “an influx of customers come into the store asking for Star Wars Kraft Dinner” heard about the Botwright family’s dilemma.

The Real Canadian Superstore in Vancouver ordered 400 boxes of Star Wars Kraft Dinners from one of their other stores to be delivered to Everett on Friday – which amounts to over one year’s supply of the special meals.

“The outpouring of support has been amazing,” said Reed. “And overwhelming. There are so many wonderful and caring people out there. My faith in humanity has been thoroughly restored!”

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