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With graduation in full swing, many young adults are getting ready to head into the ‘real’ world to seek out jobs that can help them pay off their student loans.

Fortunately for a half dozen new hires this year, a Canadian company is offering to make those student loan payments on their behalf.

SimplyCast, which markets a business communication platform in Nova Scotia, has received more than 100 resumes from applicants responding to an employment ad in a local paper.

Her Student Debt Was Paid in Full After A Bank Heard Her Family Story


SimplyCast President and CEO Saeed El-Darahali personally struggled with student loan debt after graduating with a master’s degree in business administration from Saint Mary’s University.

He was surprised that no company had offered such an initiative to graduates before. He told the CBC, “Maybe this might be a great opportunity that a private corporation can take some of their wealth and provide it back to their most important asset, their employees.”

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