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There’s nothing on campus that DeAsia Romes can’t do – she’s hardworking, kind, and she’s one of the most beloved and popular girls at the university.

But because of her cerebral palsy, the 22-year-old University of Central Arkansas student had never climbed a mountain before.

That is, until six guys from the school’s fraternities volunteered to carry her up the mountain themselves at the suggestion of DeAsia’s sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma.

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On August 21st, the boys took turns giving her piggy back rides up Pinnacle mountain in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“It was pretty cool; I’m not going to lie,” said one of DeAsia’s escorts Benjy Richards to Arkansas Online. “You definitely get those warm fuzzies once you get to the top. I’ve been up the mountain a number of times. I’ve been up with my dogs; I’ve been up with girlfriends in the past. I’ve been up with my guys, but going up and taking someone who normally would never have been able to be up there — it’s work; it’s not necessarily easy — but it was a pretty great experience.”

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The fun won’t stop there, either – Richards says he has an itinerary for all the places they’re going to take DeAsia before she graduates in May.

“We got her back down and said, ‘OK, where are we taking you next?’”

“We plan to take her to Petit Jean to the waterfall and blue hole. Devil’s Den in northwest Arkansas — that will be a little bit of a drive — and there are two more on the list — the Mount Magazine hiking trail, and there’s a true blue hole in DeWitt.”

(WATCH the video below)


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