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Concerted efforts across Africa have prevented nearly 700 million cases of malaria on the continent in the past 15 years.

Of those, the World Health Organization and children’s charity UNICEF say more than six million people would have died from the disease, which translates to a 60% reduction in mortality.Africa-Polio vaccine-UNAMID-released

Africa Celebrates One Year Without A Single New Case of Polio

The UN report credits bed nets, like those pictured above, for the success. The nets keep mosquitoes, which carry the disease, away from people as they sleep.

The UN report, published in the journal Nature, says 13 countries that reported malaria cases in 2000 were completely free of the disease by 2014, and six countries once plagued by it reported fewer than 10 cases each.

“Global malaria control is one of the great public health success stories of the past 15 years,” World Health Organization Director General Dr. Margaret Chan said.Jimmy Carter Center Guinea Worm treatment

The Second Disease Ever Eradicated on Earth (Thanks, Jimmy Carter)

She says it shows that the global health community’s strategies are working and that “we can beat this ancient killer.”

(READ more at BBC News) — Photo: Phillie Casablanca, CC

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