It was her all along.

After a heartfelt plea to his church in 2013, a 16-year-old Florida boy’s prayers were answered by the very woman who was was by his side all along, helping the foster teen look for a home.

Good News Network first covered the story when Davion Navar Henry Only stood in front of a church congregation publicly asking someone, anyone, to love him. Touched by his plight, following widespread media coverage, more than 10,000 families came forward asking for information about adopting the teen.

Eventually, he moved in with a Reverend’s family, but was later rejected and sent back to foster care, after numerous fights broke out in the home.mingo-orphans-stick-together-familyphoto

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After months of feeling totally dispirited, Davion telephoned his social worker, Connie Bell Going, known to him as “Miss Connie”, and asked the same question that he’d posed several times since the age of seven.

“How do you feel about adopting me…?”

As a single mother of three, she had always wanted to take him in, but held out hope for finding a family with a father. But she decided it was time and by the next month, Davion was spending weekends with her daughters, Sydney, 21, Carley, 17 and adopted son Taylor, 14.Maid-surprised with home-PrankItForward-YouTube

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In December, Davion moved in, and the legal adoption process began.

The two celebrated his adoption on their shared birthday in February by signing the papers together, and on April 22 it will become official.

Indeed, they have the same birth date, further evidence that this family was meant to be.

(WATCH Davion’s 2013 church plea below) Photo from Connie Going FB Page

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