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Thomas Mitchell couldn’t stand to see Lydia struggle with her aluminum ramp every morning – so he built her a new one instead.

Tom is a mechanic working in Clarksville, Tennessee who is sometimes employed to be a substitute driver on the school buses he fixes.

One of the children who he picks up on is route is a young girl in a wheelchair named Lydia Despain. Lydia’s mother Verna says that because her daughter suffers from a seizure disorder, she has developed differently than other children.

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Because of her wheelchair, Lydia struggles with the stone steps in front of her house every morning. Though she has a ramp, it isn’t long enough to reach the top step.

So Tom called Verna and offered to build a new ramp for their house on Sunday. She joyously accepted.

True to his word, Tom and some of his friends used lumber donated by the hardwood store to build a brand new wooden ramp on the side of the Despain’s house.

“It’s those little things that people take for granted,” Verna told FOX5. “And maybe I didn’t even realize my predicament, because I’m so used to doing it solo.”

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