Tabby's Place trioTabby’s Place is celebrating the rescue of its 1,000th cat.

Since opening its doors to hard-luck cats in 2003, the sanctuary has made the same promise to each feline it saves: if she isn’t adopted, she can live out all her days in cage-free, love-filled comfort, regardless of age, personality or medical needs.

Indeed, about 30% of Tabby’s Place cats are “Special Needs cats,” with conditions requiring costly ongoing medical care.

In addition to providing a lifetime haven, Tabby’s Place has been a lively home for its hundreds of rescues, uniquely joyful with unabashed affection for its underdogs (or, in this case, undercats). The staff and 100+ volunteers care for each cat as though she were the only one in the world. This means first-rate medical care, daily doting, and a one-of-a-kind, beautiful environment designed around cats’ needs.

There is something especially fitting about the fact that the cats who end up in this haven are the very felines who once knew the most loneliness and suffering, which is now a distant memory for cat  number 1,000, a gorgeous, but sick, black and white cat named Twix, who is available for adoption from the shelter in Ringoes, New Jersey.

If Twix is like the vast majority (over 900 and counting), she will be adopted by a family of her own. Should that not be in her future, Tabby’s Place will be her home, and her loving family, for life.

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