An elementary school art teacher has received an outpouring of praise since her daughter posted photos of her unique school project to social media.

Rebecca Bonner teaches at Mcauliffe Elementary School in Highland Village, Texas. In total, she hosts art classes for about 580 different students ranging in age from 3 to 11 years old.

Bonner always tries to encourage her students to be creative by telling them to “turn their mess-up into a dress-up.”

So as a means of exemplifying her catch phrase, she invited all of her students to doodle on a white dress that she brought to school. For two weeks, the youngsters used Sharpies and fabric markers to add their own little designs to the dress.

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The doting art teacher then showcased their work by proudly wearing the dress for a school-wide art show.

Her students were not the only ones delighted to see their art come to life – Bonner’s 20-year-old daughter Charlece Lake was so moved by her mother’s project, she snapped some photos of Bonner modeling the dress and posted them to Twitter, saying that her mom was “the cutest art teacher ever.”

Since publishing the pictures, they have been shared thousands of times.

Though Bonner was surprised that her project had gone viral, she says that she is happy for the chance to serve as a good role model for art.

“I’m not worried about being famous or anything like that but I do think it’s great to promote the arts, because elementary art is not everywhere,” Bonner told Good Morning America.

“I think it’s really important for kids to have that outlet, to have that place to create, and that freedom to create,” she added.

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