At this time of year, there are thousands of students and partygoers who are spending their spring break on the beautiful beaches of Miami.

But instead of spending his vacation enjoying the music, drinks, and dancing, 19-year-old Joshua Caraway spent his spring break picking up trash that had been left behind by tourists.

Over the course of just one Saturday afternoon, the young man quickly managed to fill up three trash bags.

Caraway, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, told a local reporter that it was important to keep the beach clean, saying: “Even though I’m on vacation, I still can help out.”

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Despite going to South Florida with a group of friends, he was apparently unsuccessful in trying to convince them to join him for his beach clean-up.

“I asked my friends if they were going to do it with me, and they were like, ‘Clean up the trash? No, I’m not with that,’” said Caraway, according to WSVN.

Caraway’s actions eventually caught the eye of Major Paul Acosta from the Miami Beach Police Department.

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“So I told Joshua, you’ve been picking up trash for a long time instead of hanging out and listening to music,” Acosta wrote on Twitter. “I asked why. He says he love animals and wants to take care of their home and ours.”

Acosta wanted to thank Caraway by inviting him to the police station to receive an honorary certificate, but Caraway says that he had to travel back to Georgia the following day.

So Acosta took to social media to share the act of kindness – and just a little over an hour later, a small group of tourists responded to the post by joining Caraway and helping him to clean.

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