Rather than eating tide pods or spoonfuls of cinnamon, an eco-friendly new social media trend is inspiring people around the world to clean up litter.



Though the #TrashTag challenge has reportedly been around for several years, it recently became a trending topic on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.



Participants are challenged to find an outdoor area that has been littered with trash and take two photos of the scenery; one in which viewers can see the garbage, and the other in which they can see the revitalized area after you have cleaned up all the trash.


She’s picking up speed! from r/TrashTag


The impressive before-and-after #TrashTag photos have been circulating around the world – from Mexico and Belgium to New York and India.



The initiative is being lauded as a refreshingly impactful social media trend that is encouraging people from every demographic to participate in tidying up the planet.



The challenge is remarkably similar to the #StonerCleanupInitiative, an online effort that recruited potheads to pick up the trash around their favorite outdoor smoking spots back in August 2018.



Some people participating in the #TrashTag challenge have managed to tidy up roadsides simply by bringing along garbage bags on their day trips; others have boasted the dramatic results of organizing group cleanups.

Regardless, the photos are inspiring evidence of how – even though it can sometimes be a bit trashy – the internet has the ability to bring people together for the greater good.


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