While thousands of people are still in bed sleeping off the effects of their New Year’s Eve festivities, these young Muslims woke up early to clean up the aftermath of last night’s partying.

Over 1,000 young members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) took to the streets of 50 different UK localities and cities for a New Year’s Day clean-up.

The young men and women even kicked off the event by hosting a special prayer for the new year before they donned their high-visibility vests and tackled the streets with garbage bags in hand.

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“From Luton to London, Glasgow to Guilford, Cardiff to Croydon, across the entire country 1,000 members of AMYA participated in the New Year’s Day clean up,” said British Ahmadiyya Imam Qamar Zafar.

“Islam urges every Muslim to partake in charitable giving, community service, and promote cleanliness,” he added. “AMYA has and continues to instill young people with a sense of civic responsibility, and a desire to promote harmony within our local communities.”

“We’ve been doing the New Year’s clean-up for many years now, and each year we see more and more members coming to help,” added AMYA Yorkshire youth coordinator Nadeem Ahmed. “In Islam, ‘Cleanliness is Part of Faith’ so there’s no better way to serve our faith and our country, there’s no better way for us to start the new year.”

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