Getting a mugshot is no laughing matter—unless it helps a canine on the run.

Bean the pug is going viral on social media after the Cape May Police Department of New Jersey found her wandering around someone’s backyard earlier this week.

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After taking Bean into custody, the cops tried to get her to hop into the back of their cruiser, but they told that “her short little legs couldn’t make it into the car, so I had to lift her up.”

They took the crooked canine back to the safety of the station and had Bean pose for a “pugshot.” The officers then posted it to their social media page in hopes that the owner would see it and ‘bail out’ the pug.

“This is what happens when you run away from home,” wrote the department. “This guy was captured sneaking through yards on the 1300 block on New Jersey Avenue.”

Sources only guess that Bean was too tough for the good cop–bad cop interrogation routine, although judging by her face, she didn’t mind the ‘incarceration’ too much.

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Finally, after the original “pugshot” was shared over 10,000 times, it eventually caught the eye of Bean’s owner, Hadley Hubbard.

As a means of repaying the officers for taking care of the furry felon, Bean’s owners reportedly paid her bail in cookies.

“Thank you CMPD from Bean the pug‘s family for taking such good care of her,” Hubbard wrote. “She is sound asleep after an exciting afternoon on the run.”

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