Tech-giant Twitter is taking some of its poorest neighbors under its wing by providing computer skills training at its new “NeighborNest.”

The social media titan has opened a $3 million, 4,000-square-foot community center down the block from its headquarters in the Tenderloin District, one of San Francisco’s poorest neighborhoods.

Twitter employees will volunteer alongside professional social workers in order to help parents search for housing and learn new computer skills. Their kids can either play in the child care center or get help with basic computing or learning to write code.Dan Price-CNNvideo

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The company was offered a six-year tax break to invest in the community around their headquarters.

In addition to the NeighborNest, Twitter is investing another $3 million in grants to non-profit organizations serving poorer neighborhoods around the city.

(WATCH the video below from KGO News or READ more in The Chronicle) – Photo: KGO video

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