A lot has happened since the world was introduced to Donald Gould, the homeless man who sat down at a street piano and was so darn good that he became an overnight sensation. (Watch the video here)

Within the past week, he was given a makeover, landed a paying gig at a restaurant, and, finally, on Tuesday reunited with his son, whom he chatted with on Facetime.

“I’m so happy to see you! You’re a good looking young man,” Gould told his son.

From the moment that initial video of his piano playing was spread nationwide, he said he just hoped his son would see it.nanny-reunites-with-boy-YenyZaera-FBphoto

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Now, Gould is cleaning up his act, and headed into rehab Wednesday. His son, he said, has inspired him to get his life back on track.

Stay tuned to GNN for more updates. (Story Tip: Judy Ritchie)

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