ship delivers US grain to WFPA U.S. ship carrying enough wheat to feed more than one million people for four months was delivered for distribution to the Syrian people. The United Nations World Food Program received the contribution, worth more than $19 million, on April 21 in Beirut, Lebanon. The ship’s cargo gave the WFP the ability to add flour to the monthly food basket of more than one million people.

The 25,000 metric tons of wheat is being distributed in 50-lb bags (25 kg) of flour to people in areas where there are severe shortages of bread, especially in the rural parts of the country.

Make Your Own Donation to the WFP Syrian Relief

The United States is WFP’s largest donor in fighting hunger worldwide and has contributed the most so far to the UN food agency’s relief efforts for vulnerable Syrians both inside their country and those who fled as refugees — nearly $125.5 million.

The WFP also received contributions last month of $40 million from the government of Kuwait and $43 million from the UK .

(Source: WFP)

Photo credit: US ship delivers grain in Beirut, April, 2013 – WFP


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