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For the last six years, Renee King-Sonnen worked with her husband Tommy on a 96-acre beef ranch without much thought to any ethical alternatives to their diet or livelihood – until recently.

Against the rancher’s warning to avoid becoming attached to the animals, Renee started to feel emotionally connected to the cows and chickens they farmed. She would sing to them, sit with them, even dance with them. And, yes, she named them.


Finally the day came when she could no longer bear to sell or eat meat from their farm in Angleton, Texas.

“This past Halloween, I found myself saying no to anything with meat in it. I’d been vegetarian in the past and even tried a raw diet for several months, but never had the compassion connection until I LIVED IT!” Renee wrote on her new Facebook page, called, Vegan Journal of a Rancher’s Wife. “I love these animals – I see their souls, and they see mine.”

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Renee kept a diary there of the goings-on of her transition to a vegan lifestyle. After accruing thousands of social media followers, Renee hatched a plot to raise money to begin a hostile, but loving, takeover of the farm. She collected $30,000 in donations to buy her husband’s cattle and animals out from under him.

With a little bit of consoling, Tommy not only whole-heartedly joined his wife’s vegan diet, but started working for her at the newly-dubbed farm, Rowdy Girl Animal Sanctuary.

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The sanctuary hosts fundraisers, camps, events, and visitors so they can continue their sustainable lifestyle as the only beef ranch converted to veganism in the country.

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