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They volunteered for Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they are volunteering to help people in Oklahoma dig out from utter devastation.

These veterans have answered the call for duty because their drive toward service and helping their country did not end just because they hung up their uniform.

They are Team Rubicon, the vision of a former Marine sniper whose vision took flight first in Haiti, following the massive 2010 earthquake. Those eight veterans lifted tons of debris as well as their own spirits — healing their hearts through service to others.

The group has since deployed with heavy machinery to tornado-ravaged Alabama and Joplin, Missouri last year. Then, after Hurricane Sandy, 300 veterans, some trained in crisis management, led the cleanup effort in the hard hit Rockaway neighborhood in Queens, NY.

Now, 8000 U.S. veterans are signed up and stand ready to be deployed, as yesterday brought an urgent reminder of why their heavy-lifting is so valuable.

An EF-4 category tornado touched down outside of Oklahoma City, destroying thousands of homes, schools and businesses with a swath of destruction reaching three miles across, especially hitting the town of Moore.

Team Rubicon already has initial assessment teams on the ground in Oklahoma, readying to mobilize a full response to help the people there.

They are launching a massive operation and need your help. “Strike teams will work in the community, going home to home, providing damage assessments and expedient home repair.”

tornado devestation Okla TeamRubicon

The Good News Network Joins the Team

The Good News Network has set up a fundraising page for Team Rubicon in Oklahoma. Please donate right now, whatever you can, to help these vets help others — and heal themselves in the process.

Also, you can set up your own page, and send it to friends, as a team member of the Good News Network. Our goal is to collect $2,000 toward the Organizations’s goal of $75,000. You can set up your own page, or simply donate whatever you can. Just visit:

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