If you need something to smile about today, then these two kids are just the ticket.

In a video that was uploaded by the Ripple Refugee Project, two Eritrean children can be seen experiencing snow for the very first time in their lives – and their reactions are adorable.

The project is a Toronto-based private citizen group that sponsors, settles, and integrates migrant families to Canada. The group had just welcomed the children and their family to Toronto earlier this week.

The kids, 7-year-old Zebiba and 5-year-old Khedir, had spent the last five years living in a Sudanese refugee camp with their family following their escape from Eritrea.

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Now, however, they are enjoying the fluffy Canadian weather and melting hearts across the internet after Ripple Refugee Project volunteer Rebecca Davies uploaded the video to Youtube.

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remarked on the cute clip after he retweeted her post on social media.

“Amazing – now convince them that shoveling is fun and you’re all set. Thank you for everything you do, Rebecca. #WelcomeToCanada,” wrote Trudeau.

(WATCH the cute clip below) – Photo by Ripple Refugee Project

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