Before his 10th birthday, Xavier McCoury was just your average fourth grader except for one key difference: he was completely colorblind.

While colorblindness is a fairly common genetic condition, Xavier’s is more rare because he can only see in shades of black, white, and grey, rather than just being blind to certain colors.

So as an early birthday present in 2017, his aunt and mother bought him a pair of Enchroma Glasses: a unique set of lenses that correct colorblindness.

When it finally came time to open the mystery gift, the family from Charlotte, North Carolina video-chatted with Xavier’s aunt Selena at her home in Ohio. Selena explained what the glasses were for, and Xavier’s jaw dropped.

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Once he put them on, the tears started coming.

“I didn’t know this is what humans really see… my thought was, ‘Is this color, because if it is, it’s awesome,” Xavier told KING5.

As Xavier took in all the different shades and hues that colored the world, his mother Melissa says that there was not a dry eye in the group. His father excitedly grabbed some of the boy’s possessions so he could look at them with fresh eyes.

“There’s so many beautiful Carolina sunsets and you just have to walk him through but he has no comprehension of what it is, the fact that he can see those now and all the beauty the world has to offer, it’s just priceless,” Melissa said to the news outlet.

(WATCH the tear-jerking video below)

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