After tornadoes ravaged Texas this weekend, Tom Mitchell felt compelled to go out into his community and help in any way that he could.

That’s when he found a family in need of rescuing.

In Myrtle Springs, Tom found an overturned SUV that was stuck in fast-moving water. When he saw there were strangers trying to get inside the vehicle, he asked a nearby person what the situation was – and he was told that there was a father, a toddler, and an infant trapped inside the car.

Tom didn’t have the strength to help – because of the water’s strength – so he settled for filming the unfolding events.

WATCHMan Rescues Unconscious Stranger From Subway Tracks

After lots of struggling, the men finally managed to pull out the family. The infant, however, was stark-white and motionless.

The men brought the infant to the shore and Tom leapt into action. He started giving the infant CPR, while a nearby woman started praying over the child. Eventually, it was able to start breathing again.

Tom then conducted CPR on the toddler, who also regained consciousness.

An update from the father on social media said that he and his children are recovering well. If Tom and the heroic strangers hadn’t found them when they did, the family may not have made it out alive.

(WATCH the video below)


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