When a 32-year-old driver became trapped in his overturned car on the highway, a dozen Good Samaritans rushed to his aid.

The driver, Orlando Hernandez, lost control of his Ford pickup truck as he was driving on I-88 in Chicago earlier this week.

Hernandez had been driving in the left lane when the tread of his tires tore off and sent his truck spinning onto its roof and onto the shoulder of the highway.

Upon seeing the disaster unfold, several other drivers stopped their cars and ran to his rescue.

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With the help of a few nearby construction workers, the group of rescuers managed to push the truck onto its side, break the safety glass, and free Hernandez from his seatbelt—all before the ambulance crew arrived onto the scene to whisk him off to the hospital.

Apart from a few minor injuries that he endured from the incident, Hernandez says that he is in surprisingly good shape—and he is overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who came to his rescue.

“You know how there’s terrible things happening and people lose faith in things, faith in the world? But seeing that, that sort of restores that goodness in your heart,” Hernandez told WLS-TV.

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photo by WLS-TV

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