If Sesame Street has taught us anything over the years, it’s that you should always be kind to others and appreciate your friends.

And that’s exactly what these students did in recognition of their Harvard professor’s outstanding work in children’s education.

Professor Joe Blatt has spent a large portion of his career with the Ivy League school working with the Sesame Workshop: the “Sesame Street”-based nonprofit dedicated to helping children learn and grow.

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As a thank you for his inspiring work, his students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education reached out to Sesame Workshop CEO Jeffrey Dunn and commissioned the creation of a Muppet in Blatt’s likeness.

And the results are truly uncanny.

The students presented the replica to Blatt in a ceremony at the end of June – and Blatt’s delight over the thoughtful gift is evident.

“I’ll try to find some powerful and motivating way to use it in classes,” Blatt told the Boston Globe. “I’m also thinking seriously about never going to another faculty meeting and just propping this up in a chair so they think I’m there.”

(WATCH the video below)

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