Who knew that cows would mooooove so quickly for music?

Last year, a young Irish girl named Grace began serenading her father’s herd of cows.

The youngster can be seen perched on a stool overlooking one of the fields on her father’s farm in Kilmichael Cork, Ireland.

Thanks to a little encouragement from her dad Denis Lehane, Grace begins playing a tune on her concertina.

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The song, which is by Irish musician Sharon Shannon, is apparently popular with the bovine – because as Grace continues playing the song, a herd of cows can be seen eagerly charging up a hill towards the music.

Once the attentive cattle arrive at the fence, they line up in front of the young musician and quietly delight in the twinkly tune.

And the little girl’s reaction to her adoring audience says it all.

(WATCH the video below)

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