Seventy-six percent of Americans in a new poll said they considered themselves to be adventurous—but, the survey also revealed that a large majority (68%) wish they were more bold.

No wonder they want to nurture those traits. Three in four (77%) said whenever they pushed themselves to be more adventurous, it actually makes them feel happier.

The average respondent said they seek out 6 new experiences every month, and also courageously tries 6 new foods per month.

They reported having spent an average of $2,075 every year on “adventurous activities”, and most believed that adventurers are likely traveling outside their own countries on multiple trips abroad throughout their lifetimes.

Perhaps this survey of 2,000 people, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Spanish Rías Baixas Wines region, can provide you some with tips for ways you can flex your adventure muscle.

TOP 10 SIGNS OF AN ADVENTUROUS PERSON –And How Many Identify as Having Those Traits:

1. Being open to new experiences 73%
2. Being spontaneous 63%
3. Always down to try new things 62%
4. Excited about new opportunity 62%
5. Being curious about other cultures 61%
6. Trying new food 61%
7. Following their dreams 60%
8. Being sociable 58%
9. Always planning their next trip 57%
10. Living in the moment 57%

Despite 4 in 10 people admitting that they never follow their dreams, these Americans aren’t without their fair share of adventures. The survey found that 47% have gone on a spontaneous domestic trip out of the blue, with another 41% saying they’ve done the same internationally.

Nearly half (42%) have uprooted themselves and moved across the country at some point in their lives, and another 36% have switched careers, with one person revealing that they had moved across the country with less than 24-hours notice to pursue a business opportunity.

At least one of the respondents had moved to the United States without speaking the language or knowing a soul.

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The survey uncovered people who had hitchhiked from New York to California; snorkeled with sharks and barracudas; taken a 137-night around-the-world voyage by cruise ship, moved to the Hague for an internship abroad, and even visited Chernobyl—infamous for its nuclear disaster.

One person packed 50 adventures into a cross-country road trip, seeking out a new experience in each state (from skydiving in Virginia, to watching birds of prey in Arizona).

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Sadly, 61% of those surveyed are waiting for retirement before they finally give adventure an audacious try. But what if they don’t reach retirement? Time is too precious and you never know when regrets will instantly take the place of your dreams. So, get started on that list today.


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