Not all principals have good relationships with their students, but Jeffrey Miller is definitely an exception.

Miller is the principal of Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin. Despite being a figure of authority, he has quite an amiable reputation with his students. In fact, these two youngsters love him so much, they helped to get him a new pair of jeans so the three of them could all wear matching pants.

Back in March, Miller had teased 15-year-old Laron Franklin and 16-year-old Jaisjuan Brown for wearing the same pair of fashionable paint-splattered jeans.

“I saw them coming in and they had these pants on, and I started poking some fun at them,” Miller told TODAY Parents. “I said, ‘Aww, you guys look so cute! You guys match!’ Then they said they’d get me a pair and asked my size, but I thought they were joking.”

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True to their word, Jaisjuan and Laron collaborated with one of their teachers so they could get him the jeans the very same day. When the educator was on her lunch break, she went to the mall, got a pair of the pants, brought them back to the school, and had the two students present Miller with the special gift.

“He was so thrilled that we actually got him a pair, and that made us feel good about ourselves,” Laron told the news outlet. “We have a really cool relationship and he’s always laughing with us.”

Miller immediately changed into the pants and proudly wore them through the hallways alongside his two pupils. As the three of them paraded through the cafeteria and the classrooms, delighted youngsters took photos of the trio and posted them to social media. One such photo was shared over 25,000 times on Twitter.

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Miller simply says that he is happy to connect with his students.

“We didn’t intend to go viral,” said Miller. “I got into education because I wanted to make an impact in kids’ lives … the students know when you’re genuine and they know when you’re not. I’ve always believed that when kids really trust and believe in you, you can help them reach their full potential and that’s what we do here every single day.”

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