Some city natives might be predisposed to looking down on tourists and the pedestrian traffic that comes with them, but when this English man posted an earnest online inquiry about how to spend his vacation in Boston, the internet rose to the occasion with unparalleled warmth and hospitality.

30-year-old Sam Riding has been giddy with excitement over what is about to be his first vacation in six years. On July 16th, he will be flying from his home in Liverpool to Boston, Massachusetts for a one-week holiday.

So in preparation for his journey, Riding wrote out an endearing plea on Reddit for the best recommendations that a local could provide.

“Boston and my home city of Liverpool have a lot in common,” says Riding. “Vibrant port city, lots of Irish influence and a boundless passion for good music and sport. Frankly, I know I’m going to have a whale of a time in your great city, but other than Salem’s Witch Museum, my hetero-life-mate and I aren’t really for the tourist trail.

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“To be honest, I intend to quietly booo at Revolutionary War monuments, since us Brits are actually still super bitter over our rough break up in 1775-6 (Just kidding),” he added.

Riding goes on to emphasize that with all the love and respect that he has for the proud New England city, he would rather avoid the kitschey tourist attractions and get to the heart of the hotspots that are beloved by locals.

“I know it’s a big thing to give up your secret eateries and bars, but I swear I’m only there for a week and I won’t steal your favorite barstool from you,” writes Riding. “Any recommendations will be taken gratefully into consideration and I’ll be sure to buy you all a beer if we bump into one another.”

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As it turns out, Riding didn’t have to pry that hard for a response. His online appeal was so humorous, earnest, and filled with flattery, he has since been flooded with suggestions, directions, welcome notes, and adoration from users who are appreciative of his remarks.

In fact, his post ended up getting so much attention, The Boston Globe actually reached out to the Liverpudlian so they could get a take on all of the responses. He says that he understands why people might be put off by tourists, but there are mutual benefits to the exchange.

“I don’t think it’s entirely unjust that tourists have such a negative reputation,” he told the news outlet. “So many people get wrapped up in the temporary nature of their stay that they forget they’re surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other human beings, just trying to get on with their everyday lives.”

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“[But] people often take a great deal of pride in where they live and it’s not unusual for them to want to show it off to visitors; especially when they’re respectful and courteous,” he added. “[And with] every independent coffee shop you recommend to us, every time you point us towards farmers markets packed with the produce of hardworking local farmers, every incidence of dragging us away from generic tourist traps, you’re enriching Boston.”

In the mean time, Riding has already made dozens of new friends and plans in preparation of his trip – and he already feels like he has received the warmest American welcome possible.

“I didn’t think I could be more excite to visit Boston, but I was wrong, seeing how witty, friendly and fun-loving you all are has me absolutely over the moon to be jetting over in a fortnight,” writes Riding. “See you soon Boston, I love you already!”

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