A Denver anchorman made headlines last month for a touching opening segment – and it wasn’t what he said that touched hearts, it’s what he wore on his back.

Kyle Clark of Colorado-9 News opened up one of his shows by saying that he was wearing a blazer that had been sent to him by a viewer named Connie Larson.

The jacket used to belong to her husband Doyle. While Connie had always detested the jacket, they had always joked that Clark should wear it for his show.

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When 54-year-old Doyle passed away in December because of a brain tumor, Connie sent the jacket to Clark and explained its sentimental value.

“I do understand if this jacket is ‘too ugly’ for even your wardrobe but know that it always made us smile each time we saw what you chose to wear each night,” wrote Connie.

Clark donned the old brown and black blazer for his show and asked his viewers to donate to the American Brain Tumor Association in Doyle’s name. Any viewer who donated to the nonprofit would be entered into a contest to win one of Clark’s own jackets.

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In a follow-up to his original message that was broadcasted a few days later, Clark said that the charity’s website had been “overwhelmed” by people donating at the same time  in Doyle’s honor. He then kept his word and picked two random donors as the recipients of his own jackets.

If you would like to continue the compassionate trend, you can donate to the American Brain Tumor Association in Doyle’s name by visiting the charity’s website.

(WATCH the video at Colorado-9 — NOTE: auto-playing ad)

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