“Race is at the forefront of the current debate over the police use of deadly force. But one shooting in Wisconsin highlights another factor at play when police shoot civilians — the lack of outside investigation. And the decade-old death has led to real reform in the state,” reports NPR.

“A law passed this year made Wisconsin the first state in the nation to mandate, on the legislative level, that if an officer was involved with a loss of life, that outside investigators must come in and collect the data and investigate that shooting.”

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  1. I wonder how people would feel if THEY were the police officer, because in any of these shootings, they are making a SPLIT-SECOND judgment on saving their own life as well as the others that may be hurt by these criminals that are then touted as “victims”. Maybe they should work as a police officer in a crime-ridden city or neighborhood for 20-30 years and then judge.

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