One woman’s kindness at a local convenience store resulted in a private Keith Urban meet-and-greet right there in the aisle, after she unknowingly picked up the singer’s tab.

Retired school teacher Ruth Reed was standing in line at the Wawa when she overheard that the man in front of her was having trouble with his credit card.

Reed was more than happy to rescue her fellow customer by offering him the few dollars needed for the purchase—but she couldn’t stop thinking the man looked incredibly familiar.

Astonishingly, the patron turned out to be country music star Keith Urban who was in Medford, New Jersey for a concert.

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Reed told CBS News that he asked what her name was: “And he said, ‘Ruth, I’m Keith,’ and I said, ‘That’s who you look like, Keith Urban! Do people ever tell you that you look like Keith Urban?’”

And he said, “I am Keith Urban.”

It took some convincing for Reed to believe that she had actually just paid for the star’s snacks—she even asked Urban’s bodyguard if it was true. Finally, when she realized he indeed was standing in front of her, the teacher “just fell apart…and he was gracious.”

The superstar was happy to take a picture with Reed, who hopes the story will inspire others to do good deeds for each other.

(WATCH the news coverage of the event below)

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