During a power outage in Detroit last week, Kristi Marie Earley was all smiles when a police officer offered to carry her down the stairs.

Earley, who has multiple sclerosis, had just walked down 11 flights of steps with much difficulty. When she reached the lobby area, she found many deputies who offered to keep watch out front for her car, while she rested inside. Once outside and facing the front staircase of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Deputy Sheriff Mark Bennetts of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department offered to give her a lift, which she accepted.

In a video posted by the local Fox news team, he scoops her up and carries her down to the car that was waiting for her. At the end of the video you can see an elderly man in a walker with another sheriff’s deputy looking to assist.

Ms. Earley said on Facebook, “Not only did this officer help me (they had someone by my side the whole time), they did a great job with helping others as well.”

Of course, these were simply kind gestures that are not uncommon, but with the police brutality stories lately, many people are yearning for these actions to be publicized, as well.

Officer Bennetts told TODAY, “I don’t feel deserving of the attention because me doing that pales in comparison to what my partners do every day on the street.”

(WATCH the video below or READ more from TODAY)

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