Becca Bundy has always been grateful for the firefighter who came to her daughter’s rescue in 2016 – and after experiencing a serendipitous encounter in a bar, she finally got to repay the favor.

66-year-old Bill Cox was the emergency responder who first arrived on the scene when Bundy’s daughter was having a seizure three years ago.

Cox, who has now volunteered with the Bearville Volunteer Fire Department in northern Minnesota for six years, was able to get control of the situation before the ambulance arrived – and Bundy has always been appreciative for his hand in the incident.

Two years after her daughter’s seizure, Bundy ran into Cox at a charity event that he was bartending for a neighbor in October 2018.

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Though she was happy to be reunited with Cox, she was particularly struck by what he was wearing.

The 66-year-old bartender was wearing a tee shirt that read: “My Name is Bill. I’m in end stage KIDNEY FAILURE and in need of a KIDNEY.”

According to CNN, Cox was born with only one kidney. When it eventually went into failure, he was added to the transplant list in 2017. In January, he was forced to go onto dialysis.

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In a desperate bid to find himself a kidney donor, he made two tee shirts emblazoned with his plea for help. Every day he went to work at the Viking Bar, he would wear one of the tee shirts.

Even though the shirts spurred several of his patrons to offer up their kidneys, none of them were a match – until Bundy walked in.

As Bundy talked to Cox about the shirt, she discovered that they had the same blood type and she immediately promised to get tested.

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Sure enough, Bundy was a match.

Since they underwent a successful transplant in February, Cox has been enjoying a renewed sense of strength and energy. He also maintains a close friendship with Bundy to this day.

Prior to the surgery, he aptly expressed his gratitude to the Minnesota mom by carving a statue of an angel out of wood and painting it her favorite color.

“She’s my angel,” he told CNN. “She saved my life and I thought that would be an appropriate little gift for them.”

Photo by Becca Bundy

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