This woman isn’t waiting for someone else to address her city’s homelessness problem.

Instead of investing in a second house for her and her family, Jessica Pearce of Melbourne, Victoria recently bought four houses for the homeless.

The houses, which she says she only bought a few days apart from each other, are apparently an easy bargain since they’re located in the cheaper areas of the city, rather than the expensive, according to ABC Radio Melbourne.

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Pearce is currently in discussion over the legal management of the buildings, which will be located in Moe, Lara, Morwell, and Coria. All four will provide either shorter-term transitional housing, or more long-term accommodation for families seeking permanent homes.

The businesswoman reportedly first became inspired to help people living in poverty when she and her romantic partner accidentally stumbled upon a Melbourne street that was flooded with sleeping bags and mattresses of homeless people. The couple attempted to satiate their philanthropic inclinations by handing out $20 and $50 bills, but it still wasn’t enough.

They then took in a down-on-his-luck homeless father who couldn’t afford housing back to a hotel that they were staying at until they were able to buy him one month of motel accommodation.

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Finally, they decided to give back in the biggest way that they could: buying the four properties.

And Pearce says it is all because of that street in Melbourne.

“I guess we felt shocked and I suppose a bit guilty — we didn’t realize how bad the housing situation in Melbourne was,” Pearce told ABC Radio Melbourne. “I guess it just touched me and I thought that maybe there was something that we could do.”

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