This woman may not have been able to live long enough to see her daughter grow up if it had not been for a compassionate stranger who saw a very specific magazine ad.

Back in November, 42-year-old Jennen Johnson was diagnosed with kidney failure. She was told that if she did not find a transplant soon, then she would not live longer than four years.

As a single mother, Johnson was determined to survive – and she was not willing to bet on the transplant list to find her a match.

Instead, the Toronto woman placed an ad in the classified section of the newspaper asking for help.

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The ad, which was placed in Now magazine, reads: “Mother of a 12-year-old daughter desperately looking for a generous O blood type willing to get tested and possibly donate a kidney to save my life. If seriously interested in helping me continue to be a mom to my daughter for the years to come, please contact [me].”

The plea for help went viral until it was eventually spotted by Christi Nolan – a 37-year-old yoga instructor who lives in Hamilton.

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Nolan felt compelled to reach out to Johnson, and luckily, the two women were a perfect match.

They are both currently recovering in the hospital following a successful surgery. Not only that, but Nolan and Johnson – whose shared experience has led them to becoming best friends – plan on staying in touch and spending Thanksgiving together with each other’s families.

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