It’s officially summertime – and with the rising temperatures, comes an abundance of preventable hot car deaths.

But not if Bishop Curry V can help it.

10-year-old Bishop has invented his very own device capable of saving hundreds of children from heat stroke. The invention, which he calls Oasis, is a tiny box that straps onto a child’s car seat. When temperatures in the car become too high, Oasis starts blowing cool air on the child’s face. An antenna inside the box also notifies the parents and local emergency services about the possible danger.

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Thanks to the $46,000 that Bishop raised on GoFundMe, the youth is currently applying to be granted a patent for Oasis.

“Bishop is a 5th grader who is fascinated with making things. From creating a home-made catapult and ping pong ball cannon, to thinking of ways to melt ice and snow on roads without using salt,” wrote Bishop’s dad, Bishop Curry IV.

According to the crowdfunding page, Bishop first got the idea for Oasis when a 6-year-old girl named Fern passed away after being locked in a hot car in Bishop’s hometown of McKinney, Texas.

“We live in Texas where hot car deaths are far too common,” added Curry Senior.

While it is unclear how Oasis will be distributed, the remaining funds raised by the campaign will go towards manufacturing and prototyping fees.

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