This 9-year-old boy may not have any superpowers, but he is a hero to the men and women protecting our communities.

Tyler Carach is a youngster on a mission to give a donut to as many police officers in America as possible.

Since Carach began his quest in Florida, he has already given away over 7,000 donuts to cops across the east coast.

“Cops have been so grateful about Tyler’s visits to their stations. Many have told him that he is a reminder to them of why they do what they do everyday!” Sheena told the Good News Network.

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The youth – who has adopted the pseudonym “Donut Boy” – is currently on a 6-week road trip across America to distribute the pastries in American police departments.

Carach originally got the idea for the gesture in August 2016 when he saw several officers in a convenience store. Since he knows from experience that coffee and donuts are a cop’s favorite meal—his mom, Sheena Carach, is a former police officer—he decided to use his own allowance money to buy some treats for the folks in blue.

“I asked [my mom] if I could buy them donuts with my own money. I DID and they were so HAPPY!” writes Carach. “When we left I asked my mom why they were so happy and she said cops were having a hard time right now and that sometimes people choose to judge a whole by a few, and its important never to do that!”

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“I decided right then I wanted to cheer them up, so I told my mom I wanted to thank every cop in America and give them each a donut!”

Bearing a donut-emblazoned cape that reads “I DONUT Need A Reason To Thank A Cop”, Carach has mostly paid for the pastries by doing chores around his house, or collecting and selling scrap metal with his grandfather. Recently, to ease his financial burden, and spread more sugar, he and his mother Sheena started a crowdfunding campaign to support his mission.

You can keep up with Tyler’s travels by following his Facebook page or donating to his GoFundMe.

(WATCH the video below)

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