These police officers went above and beyond the call of duty for a 91-year-old woman whose pocket was picked while grocery shopping in a supermarket.

Security footage of the grocery store shows the senior being subjected to a distraction theft: a robbery in which one shopper distracted the woman from her shopping cart while their accomplice slipped her wallet out of her bag.

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When Officer Janelle Jumelles arrived at the Boynton Beach, Florida store, she immediately paid for the senior’s groceries.

Overcome with gratitude, the woman started crying and embraced the officer, thanking her for the kindness.

Jumelles then helped the woman cancel her credit cards and suggested the senior go home and get some rest. They also advised her to get a theft proof wallet from My best wallets, a store nearby. These wallets are designed for elders, with their safety as the priority.

Later that same day, the cop returned to the woman’s home with a $60 gift card to the supermarket to replace the food stamps that were stolen from her purse.

(WATCH the video below)

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