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This 5-Year-old Paid Off Lunch Debts for 123 Classmates Simply By Selling Cookies and Hot Cocoa

For three hours, this sweet California student stood outside at her pastry stand so she could raise money for the outstanding lunch debts at her school.

Man With No Kids of His Own Pays Off Lunch Debts for Every Child in 9 Florida Schools

When a Palm Beach County man heard that more than 400 kids couldn't get a full lunch at school because they owed money, he knew he wanted to do something.

Chobani Donates $85,000 to Pay Off Student Lunch Debt of Yet Another Thankful School District

When Chobani discovered that there was a mountain of school lunch debt that had accumulated in their own backyard, they donated thousands to pay it off.

With School District Struggling Against $77,000 in Student Lunch Debt, Chobani CEO Offers to Lend a Hand

Chobani is not just responsible for making delicious yogurt – they're also stepping forward to ensure that Rhode Island students are properly fed.

Little Girl Uses Her Lemonade Stand to Pay Down Other Kids’ School Lunch Debt

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; and then use that lemonade to help less fortunate children in your community. That is what Amiah Van...

John Legend Puts Thousands Towards Seattle School Lunch Debt

Beloved singer and songwriter John Legend has just helped to ensure that Seattle students won't go hungry while at school. His quiet contribution of $5,000...

8-Year-old Helps Pay Off Students’ School Lunch Debt

A super-sensitive Michigan elementary school student felt really sad when a child in the lunch line in front of him who had to put...

49ers Player Surprises School Principal By Handing Him a Check to Pay Off All Outstanding Cafeteria Debts

The California middle school principal had been working at a local 49ers museum when the team cornerback handed him a check for $7,500.

Barbershop Rallied to Pay It Forward By Helping to Pay Off Debts of High Schoolers So They Could Graduate

After a billionaire commencement speaker announced that he would be paying off the student debt of an entire class of college graduates, this barbershop...

This Couple Has Been Serving Free Lunches to Everyone in Town So People Feel Less Lonely

This story was submitted by Fran Lytle as a nomination to the Reader’s Digest “Top 10 Nicest Places in America” contest: a crowd-sourced effort...

Fourth-Grader Makes Toys for Fidgeters to Pay For Classmates’ Hot Lunches

T'is the season of giving – and Lexi Bergeron is being cheered for giving the gift of a hot lunch to dozens of her fellow...

Teen Prodigies Create App That Could End School Lunch Hunger

Alyssa Kapasi had never thought about how school children living next door to her might be going hungry every day – and that is...

New Mexico to Pass First Law Prohibiting “Lunch Shaming”

A new law that was unanimously passed in the House of Representatives last week could become the first piece of legislation in the country...

Man Pays Off All Overdue Lunch Fees at Hometown Elementary School

Jerry Fenton wrote a check for $700 to his hometown elementary school so no children would ever have to go hungry at lunch again.

More Schools Are Being Gifted Free Washing Machines From Whirlpool So Kids Don’t Skip School

Dozens of US high schools are being gifted free dryers and washing machines from Whirlpool so all of their students have access to clean clothes.

Texas Signs ‘Save Our Lemonade Stands Bill’ as Governor Tips a Cold One on Twitter Video

Little lemonade entrepreneurs will no longer have to worry about running their lemonade stands without a business permit in Texas.

Dairy Company Rearranges Entire District Truck Schedule So Their Biggest Fan Could Get to Bed On Time

One of the world's biggest exporters of dairy products just rearranged their truck schedule so an exhausted family could get a good night's sleep.

Holiday Recap: Watch Boy’s Secret Act of Kindness When He Finds Empty Bowl of Halloween Candy

We wanted to bring you this sweet reminder of a Halloween story to show that this costumed holiday in America is not all ‘tricks’—there...

Woman Given Terminal Cancer Diagnosis to be Saved, Thanks to Ex-Husband’s New Wife

Divorce can be a messy affair, and dealing with an ex's new significant other can be even worse – but after she was given...

When Grandma With Alzheimer’s Can’t Do Her Puzzles, Teen Comes Up With Perfect Solution

Mary Frates has always adored doing word searches, but after dementia set in as she aged, the 86-year-old found herself unable to participate in her...