classroom proposal-Jennifer Lai

Couples typically don’t have to deal with kids until after their marriage, but Jennifer Lai’s classroom of first graders provided the most adorable reason to engage.

To pop the big question to his girlfriend, Samuel Nalbandian recruited her own students behind her back at the Global Education Academy 2 in Los Angeles.

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While Jennifer was out of the classroom chatting with another teacher, Samuel and her sister Jessica snuck in to explain the situation to tots.

When the teacher returned and noticed all 20 of her students acting unusually quiet, she knew something was up. They asked her to sit down and watch a special movie —a remake of Jennifer and Sam’s relationship, featuring everything from the clothes they wore on the first date, to memorable conversations.

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Once the “Samifer Special” film was finished, the kids–carrying lettered signs–leaped up and arranged themselves to spell “Will you marry me?” right when Sam walked in with a bouquet of flowers.

“I was in complete shock, and it’s usually really hard to surprise me,” Lai told Today. “I’m also really impressed that none of the kids blabbed. When I’ve told them secrets in the past, they’re running around the room telling everyone 30 seconds later.”

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Then the adorable congratulation letters started coming in from her students.

Jennifer Lai Student Note - Jennifer Lai

“We spoke about getting married, but I never imagined it would happen at work,” Lai said. “I’m so happy it did though because my students were able to share the moment with me and Sam knows how important my students are to me.” We Propose Your Friends Will Love This Story… Click To Share

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