Adult coloring books have suddenly sky rocketed in popularity—and it’s not surprising. They offer an inexpensive way to boost your self-expression and creativity, while reducing stress at the same time.

But, a new book created especially for the recovery community is so inspiring it will surely leave people on their rehab journey addicted to creative coloring.

The publisher, Health Communications Inc., known for its deep roots in the addiction and self-help fields, has collected soothing drawings, and added encouraging quotes, to create “Inkspirations for Recovery.”

The company, most noted for creating Chicken Soup for the Soul, the most popular self-help series ever published, has in that same vein begun marketing Inkspirations color books for every interest— from gardening to women empowerment.

But it is their premiere edition made for ex-addicts that might become as popular as their recovery classic, Healing the Shame That Binds You. Kevin M. Dixon, a Behavioral Health Technician and Certified Recovery Support Specialist in Tucson, Arizona points to several benefits of the Inkspirations workbook.

“Using a coloring book for someone in early recovery is an excellent way to distract them from not only the mental obsession but the physical craving that characterizes addiction.”

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Inkspiration user C. Rosenberg loves soaking in the book’s thought-provoking messages: “An hour spent coloring a page in this beautiful book is an hour very well spent—relaxing, comforting, and, ultimately, satisfying. The quotations and messages sprinkled throughout offer a deep level of contemplation to this creative pastime.”

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The paperbacks are composed of high quality paper that allows you to use your medium of choice—like water colors—although a heavy hand using dark colored markers may occasionally bleed through the thick pages. But, with perforated pages that are easy to pull out, users can easily hang or frame their artwork, too.

Inkspirations coloring books

Well known in the recovery field, Rokelle Lerner was chosen to select the thought provoking quotes. Lerner currently holds the position of Senior Clinical Advisor to Eric Clapton’s recovery center in Antigua, the Crossroads Centre. This made her the perfect fit to contribute to the book. She also her own book published, Daily Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics.

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Health Communications, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016, has also released an Inkspirations series of ready to color and mail greeting cards so you can send colored best wishes for any occasion.

Whether you prefer to stay in the lines or create new ones of your own, Inkspirations has a coloring book for you, to add fun and inspiration into a life that’s worth celebrating.

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