Police Officer in El Paso buys homelessThis photo posted on Facebook shows an El Paso Police Officer helping out a homeless man in need during a recent snowstorm.

According to the sender: The homeless man just wanted a place to keep warm. He stayed inside the Lowe’s Home Improvement store, where employees raised money for food and found an open shelter for the man.

They called El Paso police to transport the man to the shelter, but when Officer Jose Flores noticed that he needed shoes, he went into the store and bought him a brand new pair of snow boots, socks, and gloves.


  1. […] An El Paso Police Officer helped out a homeless man in need during a December, 2013 snowstorm. According to the Facebook user who photographed Officer Jose Flores, the homeless man just needed a ride to the shelter but Flores noticed he needed shoes, and went into the store to buy him a brand new pair of snow boots, socks, and gloves. […]

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