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When an excited little boy hit his head and hurt himself in a Apple Store, an employee sat on the ground alongside him and decided to show him everything about his new iPad.

Nine-year-old James Rink, was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed with autism when he was six. His iPad has become an important tool to let him communicate, but it finally wore out.


He was in an Apple Store in Nashville, Tennessee to pick up a new one when he spotted something outside, in the mall, and bolted towards it. James thought he was running for an open hallway, but ran into a glass wall instead.

Stunned, James was sitting on the floor recovering with his mother when a store employee rushed over to ask if he was alright.

The worker, Andrew Wall, sat down on the floor next to James. He stayed right there, too, and began setting up the boy’s new iPad.

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The boy’s mom, LynnMarie, was so impressed with Andrew’s concern for her son she wanted the world to know.

“Do you know any big-wigs at Apple who I can send this too?” She posted along with the story on her Facebook page. “They need to know how awesome this employee is!!!!”

In the confusion and embarrassment of the moment, she’d forgotten Andrew’s name and asked if anyone knew him.

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“I work with him and his name is Andrew,” Jordan Rockhold wrote back, filling in the missing field. “He has such a kind heart and loves working with people. You are the reason we love to work at Apple because of stories like this.”

(WATCH the video below from WKRN News) — Photo: LynnMarie Rink, Facebook

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