Film Big Miracle Barrymore KrasinskyIn this delightful family movie based on a true story, a family of gray whales, stranded beneath the ice near the northern-most Alaskan town of Barrow, brings together old foes in an inspiring rescue operation that catches the attention of the whole world.

John Krasinski plays a small-time TV reporter, Adam, whose “Adam Around Alaska” stories aren’t the ticket to the big time he wants. Then he stumbles across three whales — parents and a baby — clinging to an air hole in the ice outside town. They’re miles from open ocean, too far to hold their breath. They won’t last more than a day or two.

Adam’s story about tragedy unfolding in Barrow gets picked up by the network, and suddenly every government agency, scientist, press reporter and Greenpeace activist (Drew Barrymore) is faced with the question of what can be done, if anything.

Every character needs to learn to listen to everybody else, and the screenwriters get it right — maybe that’s the “Miracle”.

Yeah, there are plenty of Hollywood touches. But it’s amazing how much of this story is true. Stay through the closing credits (clips of the real people and real timeline) for proof. That “true story” appeal, given a light spin, makes this whale of a tale a charming feel-good movie that the whole family can enjoy.

The Working Title film opens today in theaters nationwide. Visit the website:

(WATCH the preview below, and read the review in the St. Louis Tribune)

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