At 42 years old and with only 2% of her vision remaining, San Diego resident Amy Dixon, also known as “Super Woman,” will represent the United States in the Triathlon event in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.

Amy will be competing with women half her age and more than double her sight, but that does not discourage her – it only motivates her to push harder for herself, her country and for those with visual impairments.

Prior and during her journey to Tokyo, Dixon has continued to break through tough barriers on and off the track so she can prove that anyone is capable of achieving their dreams and overcoming their disabilities.

When Dixon is not working to improve her best personal race time, she is working on improving the lives of those in our community. For the past two years, she has held camps that teaches the visually and audibly impaired how to race in triathlons. Additionally, Dixon has been able to raise enough money each year to provide this camp at no cost to its participants.

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While working to better the lives of those impaired, she is actively working on saving the sight of others through her work as the Vice President of the Glaucoma Eyes International foundation.

Since she is such an inspiration to San Diego, Senator Joel Anderson recently honored Dixon’s efforts by presenting her with a certificate of recognition for her tremendous athletic achievements and her dedication to better the lives of those in our community.

Photos by Amy Dixon

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  1. I just came across your site and am glad to have found it.
    An article written by Jordan Conole on Apr 29, 2018, about a female triathlete is awesome – I dare say we live in a people-first culture and the title ought to have been ‘Woman who is blind…” vs Blind woman.
    My 2-cents to be more sensitive to human first, characteristics second.

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