Alex Rios Gives Car to Employee -Youtube

Alex Rios knows the value of loyalty and hard work—and doesn’t hesitate to reward it.

As the owner of a daycare center in Edinburg, Texas, he cherishes not only the children he teaches but also his workers. His employees at Kids’ Kollege Learning Center make it the best it can be—and earned him the city’s Business of the Month award in June 2016.

One employee had been with the company almost from the beginning. Veronica Solis cooked homemade meals for the kids every day. Despite being treated for cancer, she remained a stellar employee, never missing a day—until Rios noticed she was suddenly always late.

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After he learned about her transportation problems, he decided to buy her a new car. He videotaped the surprise, saying on YouTube, “Maybe someone out there will be touched and also continue this chain of paying it forward.”

“It is not every day that we can do something like this for other people, but right now that I am able to, why not do it for someone that cares for you and takes good care of your business?” he added. “It‘s because we love her, and she has inspired my life to never give up and always work hard.”

(WATCH her being surprised on YouTube)


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