Even though he was born with disfigured legs, a boy named Blessing Fire always felt the fire in his soul to dance.

Told by his doctors he would never be able to walk like a “normal child”, he found his passion in breakdancing and now teaches his award-winning moves to students who flip and twirl their way to trophies.

“I was put in a wheel chair at a very young age,” Blessing told video journalist Tendai Msiyazviriyo

His parents were concerned that even walking would further damage his legs, because his right knee had a metal pin inserted to hold the leg together. Blessing figured that his limbs were already broken, and he didn’t want the deformity to lead to a broken spirit, so he snuck away from his parents’ home to hone his skills.

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The young man didn’t care how much pain was involved during his practice time as a youth because he experienced inner peace through dancing.

“It was the only thing that gave me a lot of joy and peace inside of me,” he said.

Known by his dance name Beat Boy Crystals, he still uses crutches or a wheelchair to move long distances.

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Now he is able to earn his living spinning on his back, and judging at local competitions in his homeland of Zimbabwe.

“If you want something you have to go for it, and you have to keep believing,” he said. “I’m sure you will make it.”

(WATCH him Dance in This BBC Video)

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