Muslim Woman Tyne and Wear Metro Facebook Ruhi Rahman and CC Ed Webster

A Muslim woman subjected to a hateful tirade on a public train never had a chance to defend herself—other passengers spoke up for her, before she could react.

Ruhi Rahman and her sister were riding on the Tyne & Wear Metro in North East England November 21, when a man began verbally abusing them, demanding they get off the train and accusing them of trying to bomb fellow passengers.

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Before either could respond, another woman stood up for them. More passengers joined in and, seeing no one taking his side, the man left the train at the next stop, causing the car to erupt in applause.

After it was over, Ruhi called the people on the train that day “my angels.”

I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, every single one of you who supported me on the metro and...

Posted by Ruhi Rahman on Monday, November 23, 2015


“Everyone gave me a hug,” Rahman wrote in a Facebook post. “It made me smile and appreciate how lovely they all were.”

“There’s a lot of bad in society,” she said. “But my experience proves that good will always outweigh the bad.”

(WATCH the video from the Guardian below) — Photos: Guardian video; Ed Webster, CC

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