An act of good faith from a Good Samaritan has spurred an outpouring of kindness for a 25-year-old homeless man.

Ryan Davidson was asking passerby for change in Newcastle, England last week when James Minns was out celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife and two friends. In addition to giving the young rough sleeper £20 for food and a drink, Minns started asking Davidson about his life.

Davidson explained that he had been out of work and homeless for three years. He also didn’t have any contact with his family.

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Moved by the young man’s attitude and situation, Minns decided to take a chance on him.

Minns asked Davidson, “If you were offered a job, would you take it?” Davidson replied, “One hundred percent.”

Minns, who works at a paint-coating company, told Davidson to show up for work on Monday at 7AM.

The new acquaintances took a selfie which the businessman posted to his Facebook page, explaining the fortuitous situation.

The post garnered thousands of responses, all from readers who offered up their congratulations and assistance. A relative of Davidson’s sent a contact phone number to Minns so he could call Davidson in advance. A local milkman even saw the photo and offered to give the new employee a ride to work.

Everyone’s optimism took a blow, however, when Davidson stopped answering his phone and missed his ride to work.

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Though Minns’s Facebook community was disheartened by the bad news, they were overjoyed to see Davidson’s face in another photo the following day.

“Look who’s here,” read the photo caption. “First day at work for Ryan. Over the moon to see him. Hopefully the beginning of great things for him”

According to the BBC, Davidson had been forced to attend an emergency housing appointment on Monday morning, and he had been unable to tell Minns because his cell phone had run out of credit.

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Now, since starting at his new job, Davidson said he couldn’t be happier.

“I love my job and everybody has made me feel so welcome,” Davidson told the news outlet. “We’re like one big happy family.”

“It has opened my eyes to how generous and kind people can be,” he added. “I’ve never met anyone like James – he has changed my life completely.”

Minns and his community are now raising money to get Davidson into permanent housing and off the streets.

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