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After an oil change left a florist’s delivery truck destroyed, a local salesmen tracked the woman down and gave her some good news to make her forget about Walmart’s mistakes.

Roberta Slang suv damaged screenshot KXASIt’s not clear exactly what happened to Roberta Slang’s 1998 Expedition after she dropped it off for an oil change at Walmart. But when she came to pick it up, it was clear the truck was not going to be drivable again.

Walmart turned the case over to their insurance company — and didn’t immediately provide money for a rental vehicle, which could have helped her to make flower deliveries. She ended up turning away business for two weeks.

Walmart’s insurance offered her $3,200 to replace the 1998 Ford Expedition, but she couldn’t find a replacement for sale for that amount.

That’s when a local dealer, 1And2 Automotive, stepped in with a huge gesture to help.

“We happened to have an Expedition in stock, and I instantly thought, ‘Why don’t we just give it to her?”’ David Kost, owner of the Dallas, Texas car dealership told Driving Sales News.

“She was so excited she couldn’t believe it,” Kost said.

Kost invited her to his dealership, where he sold her a used, 1998 Expedition for one dollar. Then, gave her the dollar back and told Slang to keep the insurance money and “put it to good use.”Michelle-Garn-family-van-Facebook-Garn-cropped

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A small businessman outshining the world’s largest retailer may have spurred Walmart to come up with a higher insurance payoff for Slang — they bumped up their offer to $6,200.

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