Cat rescued McMurray Fire FB Bobby Hull

This cat staged an escape worthy of Indiana Jones — surviving disaster in a kitchen appliance.

Crews fighting the Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada found Tux the cat in the middle of a home — where everything else was destroyed – sheltering inside the stove.

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They believe a gas explosion blew out the glass on the front of the oven and Tux hopped inside before another blast toppled the stove, trapping the cat, but at the same time protecting him from the heat and flames.

Firefighters bandaged Tux’s paws and put his picture out on social media where Jody Lishchynsky recognized her feline friend, and was reunited soon after.

The Lishchynsky family had only about 15 minutes warning of the fire’s approach, and in the chaos, Tux was trapped behind the fire line.

They had been gathering what they could carry, when the fire jumped the highway and raced toward them.

The family loaded their dog and what they were carrying into the truck, but when they turned to go back and rescue the cats, the fire had already encircled the house.

They took refuge at a relative’s cabin, where they later were surprised to find a photo of Tux online – along with the story of his amazing survival strategy.

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“I don’t know why that fireman looked in that stove,”Lishchynsky told the Canadian Press. “That’s just beyond me. Sure enough, there’s the little frigger.”

Since Tux’s return, the Lishchynskys learned that at least one of their other cats, Sky, escaped the fire as well.

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