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In 2015, Binh and Phuoc Wagner made national news with their incredible story: the twins were adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage by a Canadian family when they became very sick and in dire need of liver transplants – their adopted father, even though he was a perfect match, could only donate a piece of his liver to one of them.

Since Phuoc was considered the sicker of the two, she received her father’s donation, leaving Binh waiting for a transplant of her own.

The search began for a second donor – an anonymous stranger who would voluntarily give up a piece of their organ and undergo weeks of recovery.

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More than 600 people offered to donate but only one of them was chosen: Kris Chung, a 19-year old student who lived five minutes down the road from the Wagners at Kingston’s Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.

Now a year late, Kris is much more than a stranger to the Wagner family.

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After initially connecting over Facebook and learning of his identity, the twins’ parents met up with Kris for coffee.

“I just gave him a big hug when I first saw him,” Johann Wagner told Macleans. “I don’t even think I said: ‘Thank you.’ It was more: ‘Wow, it’s you.’ ”

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Kris, now 21, has now become a member of the family, stopping by the house every day after school and growing alongside his “little sister” Binh.

Kris and Johanna are working alongside each other for a non-profit known as Twins For Hope – an organization providing Vietnamese orphans like Binh and Phuoc education, shelter, health care.

(WATCH the incredible video below)


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